About us

What is Biryani Express?

We are a fast-food gourmet Biryani store. Our cooks have been making Lahore’s (Pakistan) best biryani for 15 years and now they will be Doha’s best biryani cooks!We are an independent, freshly branded Biryani Express store (not affiliated with any other location) although our cooks have worked for and popularized Lahore’s “Biryani Express” store from inception. The owners are young professionals from Qatar, Pakistan and USA.

We serve high- quality biryani (gourmet level) that is authentic, tasty and FAST. From ingredients to packaging, we will not compromise on quality, cleanliness and service.

We have designed a chic modern interior to accommodate a limited number of patrons. We are happy to serve you at home via delivery or take-away. Our goal is to provide efficient and quick service.

To be a global chain of premier [or gourmet] but affordable fast-food serving authentic South Asian cuisine (“starring” amazing Biryani) that is highest-quality and delicious. In a classy, modern/traditional fusion setting.

Behind the creation of Qatar’s Biryani Express

Abdulaziz, a Qatari citizen and a connoisseur of biryani was invited by his friend and colleague, Faisal, a Pakistani-American to visit Lahore and capture some of the tastes of the city. Abdulaziz instantly fell in love with the city and was enthralled by the taste of biryani.The two friends decided that it was opportune time to bring Biryani Express to Qatar—a city with a growing population of South Asians. Not to forget that Qataris love biryani too! The business partners decided to employ the original cooks from Biryani Express but create NEW BRANDING and a new image to not only make the food experience “gourmet-level” but also a lovely ambiance and professional modern branding.

Our Mission