Why Us

We’re Not Like The “Others” & Here’s Why

We guess you’ve heard this before, but it’s actually true. As we’ve already mentioned in this Profile, we are not interested in just selling cheap Biryani. We want to be the best biryani spot of the city. We want our customers to stop thinking of any other biryani shop once they have tried ours.

We also have a unique concept that is in our slogan “Spice it up, your way”, allowing patrons to choose their own level of spice tolerance for any of the biryanis on offer. Kind of like a Nandos model applied to biryani!

Additionally, we are the home for “biryani in a bucket”. Customers can pick up a bucket of biryani for a family or party meal. Kind of like a KFC bucket, except with rice!

For this purpose, we did not just pick any cook, but the original Biryani Express cooks from Lahore. These cooks have been saddened by the demise of the Biryani Express chain in Pakistan and want to re-ignite a new modern chain that starts in Qatar and takes over the world of biryani by storm! Great cooks bring great taste and one can sacrifice everything except taste for a restaurant—and we certainly didn’t drop the ball on this one!

We also took great care in designing our branding, consulting professional designers as well as food branding psychology experts. Our goal was not to have one retail outlet, but the beginning of a biryani revolution.

Our restaurant seating is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Due to the nature of the business, we have limited seating but we wanted to make sure the seating was designed in a modern, artistic way that is unparalleled in Doha. We have used both modern designs and traditional patterns to give an exquisite blend. This blend can be seen even in the patterns on our front page.

Why Us